Give me a crappy place to stay for a month and I'll give you a luxury place to stay for a year

  • Published date: May 17, 2020
  • Modified date: October 23, 2019
    • Carlsbad Aqua Hedionda Lagoon, San Diego, California, United States

I'm 42, I'm single, attractive, never had trouble finding girlfriends when I've wanted one. I've got a computer science degree from MIT, twenty years of impressive experience, and even had my own company three years ago. But despite having everything I thought I had wanted, I wasn't truly happy, and ended up quitting everything after burning out, spending all my money, and walking the earth until I was so lost, I finally found myself and am happy, have no lingering self-destructive behaviors and besides my dad, I'm the most honest person I know. Now I'm ready to go back to making a six figure salary and moving back into a three grand a month apartment. I've literally got two dozen solid leads on good jobs, but going from couch to couch to tents is not going to work out. Help me out for a month and I'll take care of you in every way for a year if not more. Since embarking ony path of self discovery, I've chosen to be single, and have only had sex twice - neither time was enjoyable as neither woman enjoyed foreplay. I'm miss sharing intimacy with someone, but I I'd rather cut past all the usual bullshit, figure out if we have chemistry, and make this happen. I don't have any type, and while I've dated plenty of beautiful women, they were all beautiful to me for different reasons so there's no body type or ethnicity I would automatically turn down. I don't claim to be a mind reader so I don't judge anyone for anything. Seriously. Well except for rape or dishonesty. My Name is Kevin. Text me.

Phone number displayed (optional): (760) 456-9224
Age male: 42
Race male: Caucasian (white)
Height male: 5.9 (180 cm)
Body male: fit
Sexuality male: Heterosexual
Drinks: Rarely
Smoke: Sometimes
Drugs: Sometimes
Languages: English

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