Your wish is my command - m4w - 48 - Orlando FL

  • Published date: February 10, 2020
  • Modified date: February 10, 2020
    • Orlando, Orlando, Florida, United States

The Pleasure Giver >>>> Your wish is my command!
• Location: Orlando, Florida, United States
Preferences and encounters I am open to:
Kissing, Sensual Massage, Cuddling & Hugging, Sex Talk, One-Night Stands, Kinky Fun, Open to Experimentation, Foreplay/Teasing, Gentle/Easy Going, Fantasies, Sex Toys, Threesome, Stamina, GREAT CONVERSATION! Laughter

I am friendly, fun, intelligent, and a good conversationalist. I’m very clean, DISCREET, open-minded, and nonjudgmental. The status of your life and relationships beyond our encounters is of no concern to me.

I seek a DISCREET mistress Who will tell me what to do, or I am willing to play the dominant role as well. Honestly I feel that sensual role play is where it is at, and I have experience at both ends of the spectrum. I was married to a bisexual female, so I am trained in outstanding oral stimulation. My partner loved watching me give pleasure to other women before she enjoyed my lips and tongue for herself.

I give INCREDIBLE MASSAGES. I am fully confident of my ability to satisfy a woman.
I hope you don’t mind someone who is confident, but I do have certain sensual skills that are deeply appreciated. I believe in role play and fantasy fulfillment, and I am also aware that there are many other roles which excite the interests, so I do not expect you to be attracted to either end of this spectrum.I do hope that whatever excites you becomes part of our play.

I am a formerly licensed masseuse and I have excellent awareness of how a woman’s body should be touched and caressed.

I know that being relaxed is a critical part of sexuality so I will do all I can to make you feel comfortable. My goal is to provide you with sexual fulfillment, and with that as my objective I will be a kind and compassionate lover.

Please do not think that I am also not aware of the fact that certain levels of both friendship and trust are an important part of love making. for these reasons I will NEVER be pushy or disrespectful to you in any way. I will ALWAYS respect your limits and your wishes. I will NEVER contact you in any way without your full permission and I will allow you to have 100 PERCENT CONTROL over the number and length of our encounters.
In fact one my motto is > > Your Wish Is My Command!
What really turns me on: High Sex Drive, Discrete, Well Groomed, Drug Free, Naughty, Not Possessive, Adventurous/Daring, Lingerie, especially nylons and a garter belt.

I am looking for a reasonably attractive woman. I don't mean a perfect 10 ( although that would be a true blessing) I just mean that she doesn't have to be perfect. A few extra pounds is okay, but I have to be honest, really heavyset just doesn't work for me.

I like women who are open about their passion and fantasies. If you read about my intimate desires I think you will understand why I say this. For me, role play and fantasy fulfillment are a valuable sensual aid, and I see no reason to be shy about them.

I like a dominant woman, but of course this is also for role play fun. I am actually an alpha male that is generally very dominant in the male world, perhaps that is why I like the submissive role in the bedroom.

I don't like going to far or getting to heavy in love games but very light (and ALWAYS TOTALLY RESPECTFUL) bondage or spanking works for some and I am all about fulfilling a woman's desires. In fact, I believe : The woman SHOULD ALWAYS COME FIRST. (Especially in the bedroom)

I have been called a genius by most of my employers and a gentleman by all of my lovers. In other words I have both brains and manners.

I love and respect EVERYTHING about a woman and I hope to NEVER be the cause of anyone's discomfort or displeasure. This is why I capitalize I will NEVER contact you in any way, shape, or form without your approval and I will NEVER expect our encounters to go any farther or last any longer than you see fit.

Most of what I believe is based upon my strong understanding of the word KARMA. What comes around goes around. As you sow so shall you reap> Therefore if I am truly, sincerely, and wholeheartedly involved only in giving warmth, comfort, and pleasure to others I will surely someday receive the same. And of course, if I make a strong determination never to hurt anyone as well, then I will be shielded from many of life's atrocities.

What I'm looking for:
I AM NOT LOOKING TO MARRY YOU. I want fun, and perhaps friendship as well.
The words above make it clear that I WANT TO GIVE YOU PLEASURE! I am not pushy our selfish with my lovers.

I put some time into writing my profile, so I hope I have left a sweet impression in your mind,and maybe, just maybe, some butterflies as well.

I WILL NOT PLAY THE MESSAGE GAME! If I receive a message from you I will share my phone//text number and email right away.

Warm regards,
The Pleasure Giver

Mail displayed (optional):
Phone number displayed (optional): 4076846504
Age female: 30-60

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