Your 24/7 Servant awaits you, ladies... - m4w - 57 - El Cajon CA

  • Published date: September 11, 2021
  • Modified date: June 22, 2020
    • San Diego, El Cajon, California, United States

I am a single, 57 yr old, successful businessman, that runs several of my own businesses, and I have 3 yellow labs.
I have been extremely sexual all of my life, and my sexual appetite only gets stronger every year.
I have been single most of my life, by choice, due to focusing on my businesses, rather than repeatedly dating and trying to find the one.
Due to being single most of my life, I have delved into just about every sexual arena possible, like swinging, 3-somes, group sex, bdsm, etc etc.
I have always been extremely safe and clean, when playing sexually, and demanded the same of those I had sexual fun with!
I was born a nudist(we all were, if you think about it), and am most comfortable without clothing.
I live in a big house in El Cajon, 3000 sqft, with a pool, jacuzzi, on an acre, with just me and my 3 dogs, and am bored with living by myself.
I am looking to move out to East County or somewhere further away from "everyone", so I can relax, enjoy my nudist being more, and share great fun, life and sexual explorations with the same minded people like me, women, couples, groups, etc.
I have been extremely naturally dominant my entire life, also being an Army Officer, so I have yearned to bring out my submissive side, and enjoy it at the forefront, more prominently.
I have many fantasies of how I would like to life my life now, and am searching to find others that share my desires and sexual insatiability and sexual exploration.
One of the most prominent desires, is to find a woman who will take the lead for the first time in my life, in the bedroom, and who has freaky, wild, no limits(except legal limits), no boundaries when it comes to exploration of fantasies and sexual fun, she has always wanted to explore, and has desired to make a man explore(but afraid to bring it up or ask), knowing they may be taboo or pushing my limits of what I would agree to do normally, but with her in charge, I will always obey her wishes for me, to be all she needs me to be to satisfy every single desire or twisted sexual fantasy she has ever had.
There are no limits and boundaries for me, as they are her limits and boundaries, she sets for me, with her tremendous pleasure and satisfaction foremost in mind always!
I would basically serve her every wish of me, for her great sexual pleasure, no matter what it may be she would desire me to do, to her, to myself, to others, no matter male or female, the sky is the limit.
Being her complete servant to all her sexual desires, and fantasies, is my ultimate goal the rest of my time on this earth!
--Expanding on this, would be my being a servant for a single woman, or one that is married or has a boyfriend, and I am their cuckold to do as they wish with, and command me to do for or with them, or others.
--As I mentioned I have also lived the lifestyle of bdsm, so if this was a FemDom, that wanted me to live-in as her servant, to pleasure all her desires for herself and of myself, that would be perfectly acceptable to me, and I would welcome it proudly.
--Even a live-in cuckold with a woman who is so insatiable, she needs to be pleasured by other men, and wants me to be there to be her cum vacuum, and clean her up when they are done filling her with their hot sticky, creamy cum, leaving not a drop of cum, and her forcing me to clean her pussy and ass out of cum with my tongue, and commanding me to swallow every drop of that sticky, hot creamy cum!!
I would truly and proudly serve the single woman who uses me for her every desire and fantasy.
I would prefer a live-in situation, so she could own me as her own to do with me as she wishes, whenever she wishes, with as many as she wishes, the boundaries will be hers to set, not mine.
I will be her property to do with as she pleases.
Being forced to do things that are taboo, and I would not do on my own, is extremely exciting, because it will be fulfilling my domme's every fantasy and desire.
If you are serious about having me to use, as your own, or want me to live in with you, to have me as your servant, 24/7, contact me asap, and your dream will come true, very quickly.
I will be yours to do with as you more asking if a boyfriend or husband will do something, or afraid to ask, I WILL DO WHAT YOU WISH!
I know I won't last long on the block here, so...
Email me w/pics:

Age male: 57
Race male: Caucasian (white)
Height male: 6.1 (185 cm)
Body male: average
Sexuality male: Bisex Versatile
Drinks: Never
Smoke: No
Drugs: Never
Languages: English

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