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  • Published date: October 12, 2019
  • Modified date: October 13, 2019
    • 15 Minutes NW Of Downtown, Orlando, Florida, United States

“THE” Spot
As she laid back and waited for, my lips to reach “THE Spot”
I know something that crossed her mind, “Let’s see just what he’s got!”
But openly, I will admit, that twixt the two of us
I probably feel more relaxed, for though driven by lusts
I still maintain a peaceful state, inspired by confidence
For I have skills I know she’ll love, experience she’ll sense
For when a woman moans and groans, while writhing in pure bliss
She’s telling me I’ve hit “THE Spot”, that others may have missed
A climax is more powerful, when it builds up with time
So taking time, I helped them climb, up, up, to the sublime
Long before my lips reach “THE Spot”, even as they undress
They know that I appreciate, and that I feel quite blessed
That they’ll share their passion with me, and let me share mine too
For French kisses and nakedness, build special bonds, it’s true
If I did not respect those ties, if I took them for granted
Then even if I pleasured her, her heart would feel supplanted
And this is why, I must be sure, what flavors she likes best
I must know if she likes a swat, or prefers soft caress
For only if I know her wants, can I fulfill her needs
And only by fulfilling her, can I feel I have achieved
The goal that surely must be reached, when the bonds of embrace
Lock two souls in each other’s arms, with passions on their face
Perhaps a back massage will help, her begin to relax
For until she is comfortable, there’s no way she’ll react
The way a woman deserves to, when preparing to feel
The stimulation of the nerves, that hide a bit concealed
But when they’re touched, just perfectly, they bring her toward the top
Toward the place where she can let go, where all other thoughts stop
Where the only thing that she knows, is pure pleasure and peace
The trembling shiver of her loins, that comes upon release
Of the hormones that make her peak, that really drive her mad
As she wiggles and grinds her hips, and feels so freaking glad
So glad she’s been a little bad, and opened up her thighs
And let me put my lips down there, while looking in her eyes
She loved the way I gently licked, and tickled her sweet Spot
the way I knew just how to please, just how to keep her hot
I didn’t rush her to the edge, I slowly brought her there
Right to the point of no return, where she no longer cared
The pleasure was immeasurable, as she felt the first spasm
As she prepared to launch into, her mind blowing orgasm
Then as she began to explode, and as her toes curled in
I paused….. Barely touching “THE Spot” to let her senses swim
In her ocean of happiness, until she nearly drowned
Then gently, oh so lovingly, I twirled my tongue around
That’s when her pleasure reached a point, that could not be contained
When sounds, not words, tried to express, the feelings in her brain
All she knew was… she didn’t know, that she could feel this good
Although she did know that she’d wished, for the day when she would
It even seemed like time stood still, while she just came and came
And came... And came… And came some more, she’d never be the same
Now if after reading my words, you think, “I’d like to meet
“Someone to take me to that place, where I could taste that treat.”
Just let me know how to reach you, we’ll meet, we’ll say “Hello!”
I’m genuine, I’m quite laid-back, but you should also know
I’m not looking for commitment, so I won’t tie you down
(Unless of course you want me to!)
“THE Spot” I’ll use to make you sing, a sweet angelic chorus
Is called, well… in medical terms, “THE Spot” is the clitoris
Mature, CLEAN, DISCREET gentleman. Six foot, 195. At this time, I am not looking for commitment, but I am aware that sometimes sparks turn into flames…

Mail displayed (optional): gentleman00880@yahoo.com
Phone number displayed (optional): 4072052572
Age female: 30 to 60
Smoke: No
Drugs: Rarely

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