My insatiable sex Drive: NOT for The The Lame in Bed! - m4w - 42 - Manhattan NY

  • Published date: November 28, 2023
  • Modified date: September 7, 2022
    • Upper East Side, New York City (Manhattan), New York, United States

Multiple squirting orgasms are guaranteed! Sounds like I'm bragging? Well, I am. But I have reason to. Not only am I a sweet, romantic, respectful gentlemen, but when the green light says GO… Any FEMALE, willing to surrender to me, or even challenge me-which is better yet, will be the recipient of a SELFLESS, PLEASURE GIVING REAL MAN, who knows how to please a woman of any LEGAL age! I was a dancer/stripper at the hottest NYC nightclubs, was a backup dancer in a J Lo video, danced for Michael Jackson at his fan convention, and I had strawberry syrup licked off of my sweaty, baby oil glazed torso, by 1 of the Olsen twins (Ashley)! Stories for days. But I've been supercharged horny for the eternity that I haven't had sex for, so if you think you can test me, overpower me, or just break even with my sexual prowess-there will be no losers. Only winners. I'm white (Polish descent-big deal????), 6'1" 192 pounds of more than mostly muscle. I'm 42, but don't live alone, so unless you can host, we will have to work something out. Anything worth having, is worth working for! NO ESCORTS! NO GUYS who think every other guy is bi-curious (we're not! get over yourselves!) And of course, please be of legal age! I can't take care of my 3 adorable cats, from prison. I can cam up or voice talk, to verify, which is basically the smartest idea. We can chat for a while, if you're not comfortable at first. Again, anything worth doing, is worth doing right. I rather wait a while for mind blowing passion, then to jump right into an awkward situation with a total stranger. I prefer a few "getting to know each other" chats, so that we feel more of a connection to the person we will be fucking until both our sweaty, cum drenched bodies totally shut down. I don't type short messages. Duh. And that's because I care enough to invest the time in "selling myself" and earning trust, when most guys just want to jump your intoxicated bones, give you an STD, and probably steal from your purse, before they disappear forever. I am their polar opposite. Simply put, I'm too nice! And that's most likely the reason why I am pitifully sexless for longer than I can remember. Bottom feeding men get the hottest girls, while genuinely honest and respectful souls like me get ghosted for not being BAD enough. But if you want "bad" just let me know, and I'll happily accommodate your wish. I'm multi-orgasmic, meaning I can cum about 3 times IN A ROW, thanks to libido boosting testosterone, one right after the other. And after about 15 minutes of refueling, I'm ready to blast off again. So if you ever wanted to take a trip into space, I just might be your only hope. And if you can satisfy my insatiable cravings, you will be my only hope. Soooooo let's be each other's hope?! By replying to me, you're not obligated to do anything. I can take no as an answer. I will not show my face pics on here, because I don't want to find them stolen/copied and posted on dating sites in China, and God knows, wherever else. Show me something of yourself, to let me know what kind of face and body I'll be working with, and I'll happily reciprocate with more pictures than you probably care to see. But isn't it better to have too much, then
Get ready for multiples-squirting multiples! Get ready for a tongue????that will literally wear you out during foreplay, alone. I've done it many times before, and I know I still have that magic. I just need an assistant to perform my magic on. Any questions? Feel free to ask. I'm an open book. And I just wrote half of the book in writing this message. If you've read this far, congratulations! We might just be on the same level. race and LEGAL age doesn't matter to me. Face and body type, do matter to me. Asking too much? I always seem to be. But that's my nature and way of initiating what will hopefully be a mind blowing experience.
And not for nothing, but it gets even weirder: I'll even be happy having a cyber-friend, text buddy, real-life friend, romance or true love! ALL options are open. So please feel free in satisfying at least one aspect of my empty life!☮????????

Upper East side. White MAN. 42. 6'0"/190 pounds, mostly muscle. 100% clean & drug and disease free, which is easy to achieve, not having sex for 6 years????

Mail displayed (optional):
Age male: 42
Race male: Caucasian (white)
Height male: 6.1 (185 cm)
Body male: athletic
Sexuality male: Heterosexual
Drinks: Never
Smoke: No
Drugs: Never
Languages: English, duh

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