Insatiable Craving - m4w - 44 - Thornton CO

  • Published date: September 23, 2021
  • Modified date: July 26, 2021
    • Thornton, Colorado, United States

Raw DOES feel better, I will admit.
RAW is best BECAUSE of the, well, c*m.
We feel each other raw, moving back and forth, the friction growing and we both reach that climactic moment and I explode inside of you. My cock throbbing...pulsating...becoming super sensitive. Then depending upon what position we're in, you grab the back of my head, push me lower and lower and force my face between your legs and make me clean up after myself while giving you a second round with my tongue. You putting me in the position of not coming up for air until I've cleaned up every drop of both our yummy juices...hopefully the thought isn't too...odd for you.
the best part of raw is knowing we've both made each other cum. The best feeling in the world is feeling a pussy start to tighten with orgasm, for a brief moment it seems to get the tiniest bit drier and then like a damn opening the flood gates and my cock is drenched in juices and triggers me to let loose all that's inside of me.

I love sucking, licking nipples. Never understood biting or pinching them. I love stroking and flicking my tongue against them. Swirling my tongue around and around.
I love after I get a turn at the nipples I work my way lower, down the stomach and ending between the legs. Teasing the outside of the pussy with my lips and tongue and eventually licking my way in. Tonguing just beneath the clit feeling my way around with my tongue until I find a sweet spot. Even better when verbally guided.

My next favorite part is the moment of insertion. Teasing the outside with my cock, pushing around the pussy lips and going in partially and slowly sliding in. Once inside, comfortably for both of us, I love slow strokes to get going and then completely stopping and just flexing. Flexing my cock as hard as I can so you can feel every ounce of it filling you up. Allowing the flex to be the motion that carries us both to climax. I love the feel of a pussy as my cock throbs within. I can feel every fold, from labia all the way back. Getting you to come first or at the same time really makes me explode. That moment when your pussy is filling with my cum and your orgasm is splashing my cock makes my toes curl. Staying inside to make sure every drop has left me flexing every drip to fill you up. I do love the sight of a pussy I've filled with my sperm. The most delicious sight I can see. To taste the amazing exchange between us would be heaven. Especially if you're aggressive about having me there and keeping me there.
The clean up can lead to another round, sometimes more intense than the first.

I want this to happen soon.

Age male: 44

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